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David Finch is a humorist and author of the acclaimed New York Times best-selling memoir, The Journal of Best Practices. Married in 2003 and diagnosed five years later with Asperger syndrome, David has committed himself to relentless self-improvement, sometimes to a comical extent. A former semiconductor engineer turned full-time writer and speaker, David has written for The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Slate, and he writes a relationship blog for Psychology Today. But his greatest accomplishment by far has been learning how to thrive as a family man.

Before starting a comedy career, David wash a hairstylist. As part of daily work, various hair care services have been provided, including shampooing, cutting, dyeing, styling and drying. Becoming a hairstylist is not a male or female-dominated profession. Most hairstylists work in salons, and they spend most of their working time on their feet. They wash, dry, and shape while walking around in various places in the salon. In a haircut, the stylist must choose from many different brushes, products and scissors to create the desired effect for themselves.

Choosing a new hairstyle for the new life era does not necessarily mean a big change. First of all, don’t think that getting old requires a super specific hairstyle. Although this may be the old method, we learned that almost any hairstyle and almost any age can look great. Long or short, there are no strict guidelines here. However, there are some hairstyles for women over 60 to help you achieve the look of your dreams