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What makes a good journalist?

The profession of Journalism rules the people of the current world that brings light to the people by exposing the things that remain silent for a longer duration. The origin of journalism comes from the fundamental right of people to speak. The main power of a journal is the right to express things or freedom of speech. Journals act as a bridge that connects the people and the ruling government of society. People use journals and magazines to express their views, ideas and suggestions about an event. Magazines empower the people through effective communications of the right things at the right time.

How does an Individual can become a Professional Journalist?

The aspirants who are very passionate about starting a career in the mass media must possess some qualities. The essential qualities that make a good journalist are curiosity, cognitive ability, hunger for trendy information and desire in creating a story, maintain accuracy, fairness and balance in the media principles.

People who are longing to become a professional journalist. The common question that arises in the minds of people is what are the qualities needed to be a good journalist? The answer to question people must possess five essential qualities to become a journalist.

Reliability or Integrity

People must gain the trust of the people or the public in the real world to become a successful journalist. The three main parameters that rule the journalist’s life is integrity, fairness, and accuracy. The goal or objective of the best journalist is to deliver authentic information to the people in the society. The journalist must not accept compromises and ready to face challenges to bring out the truth to the living world.

Boldness or Courage

The good journalists of society are bold and very courageous to face any obstacles in society. The main task of this kind of job is to ask tough questions, dig deep in the issues to unveil the demanded truth. People must undergo many dangerous journeys and adventures to collect the details about the current happenings of the society.

Communication or Verbal Ability

The passionate journalist must have strong communication skills to perform interviews, write stories and generate reports. The qualification required to pursue a career in journalism is the bachelor in communication and journalism. The experience gained by the fresher as interns’ supports people to sustain in the field. There are two other main qualities mandatory for a mass media professional are analytical mind and sharpness.